At Little Steps, we aim to provide a safe, nurturing and comfortable environment for the mental and physical growth of your child. Here at Little steps we prioritize building a foundation for a holistically minded person. Effectively, a holistically minded person would be regarded as one who has the ability to find their identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connections to the community, to the natural world, and to humanitarian values such as compassion and peace. This is a philosophy that we hope to instill within the minds of our students..

Our motto, Learn through play, allows us to guide child development through activities that are both fun and educational. With this pedagogical approach, we have found that many children gain interpersonal skills that will allow them to flourish when growing in both educational and personal environments. We believe that our children are the future of the world. Therefore, we engage with them in a manner that allows them to remain creative and innovative when tackling tasks. Developing critical thinking skills allows our children to function responsibly and as effectively as possible in their day to day lives. We don’t only aim at helping them become ready for primary school, but further, aid them in being ready for life at hand. We try not to limit their development based on their age as we believe that great ideas are born from the minds of those who have been given the tools towards enlightenment.

Our students vary from the ages of 3 months to 6years. We believe that these ages are the crucial stage of a child’s life in their development as the future generation of our world. Therefore, their minds, bodies, and souls should be nurtured in a manner that allows them to think freely and independently. Our lessons aim at giving children the platform towards gaining self-confidence and self-respect. We are very transparent in our methods of pedagogy thus you, as the parent, will be granted access the methods that we use and the teachers we have enlisted to aid your child’s development. We understand that by being transparent, we allow the child to practice our lessons both at home and in the future.

The classrooms are separated into four. Namely, Bambies (grade 0000), Little Tots (grade 000), Smilies (grade 00) and Rainbow (grade 0). This allows teachers the ability to have personal and close knit interactions with the kids as each teacher will host a small group of students at a time.


Meet Our Teachers

I am an ambivert who loves tourism and passionate about child welfare. I feel honored to be part of the journey to grooming babies from the basics of communication to character building our tomorrow leaders.
RoxaneDeputy Principal
I am a very punctual and organized person who enjoys swimming, horse riding and watching movies.
THANDITeacher (2/3 year old)
I am a creative individual who is inspired by seeing aspired young dreamers like children and I love working in a team.
ANDISWATeacher Assistant
I am an ambivert who loves good food, outdoor adventures and music with a singing talent. Am passionate about children’s development health.
THULITeacher (Grade R)
I am a bubbly Grade R Practitioner. Who’s caring and loves children. Seeing them reach a milestone fulfills me cause they are my world.
LYDIATeacher (Grade R)
I am a very passionate individual who loves working with babies watching them take their 1st steps and learning to talk.
I am passionate about food that’s nourishing young minds and bodies to allow them growth and delicious exploring their joy in nutrition.
APHIWETeacher (Grade R)
I am a caring creative individual who loves travelling, music and mostly working with children. I have good communication and computer skills and patient in nature.

What Parents Say

Good day Roxane

Ever since Lwandle came to the school I ve seen improvements, at 2 she is fully potty trained, she can construct a sentence and for me that is very important and I love how friendly all the Teachers are, the strict policies at school to ensure safety of our kids and most importantly Teacher Thandi, she is the best at what she does. I’m happy ?


Hi mam,hope you are good.

I’d like to give a testimonial,I am very happy and proud of the progress that Amahle has made since joining the school and that we are informed on any areas of improvement and how the staff and you have been patient..I recommend little steps any where I go..The cleanliness,professionalism and great service ????its over all an amazing school and may God continue to shine your light..


Thank you very much to Little Steps for the support and co-parenting for my son.Little Steps Pre School. is a home away from our home. With these unforeseen Covid-19 Restrictions, Social and Working changes, the school managed to evolve with such a times as these. The environment continued to be a safe haven for his overall development and wellness needs. My son has progressed and thanks to the helpful, nurturing and loving Teachers and All Staff.
I believe he is now ready to face the coming challenges of the big school. Thanks Nonhlanhla


Our Facilities

  • Pick and Drop Drive Through

    We have set up our premises with convinience in mind. You are able to quickly drop off or pick up your young one by making use of our pick up and drop off facility within the grounds which allows each parent to see their child enter the school grounds. You might also be coming in for a chat or a bit of a stay, our premises also have the right parking space for you.

  • Transport Service

    We provide a transport service that picks up and drops off our little cuties. All this is to provide convenience for the parents/ guardians who can get really busy or get held up in traffic or who just want to give their little cuddles a safe trip to school and back home. We have all of you in mind.

  • Holiday Programmes

    We have taken it upon ourselves to provide our toddlers not just the best on site experience at Little Steps, but also great and grand off-site experiences, adventure and exposure. We are busy putting our holiday programmes together. Watch the space.

  • Play Area and Security

    We have provided both a play area and colorful scenery both in and outside the classrooms so as to allow your children a safe haven throughout the day.

    We also put security facilities such as cameras, guards and electric fencing around the entire facility since your child’s safety is our number one priority from the second you leave your child in our care.

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